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A tiny seed, enclosed in a pellet of clay, planted in a little cube of
earth, housed in a temperature-controlled nursery, unfolds to reveal a tender shoot.

This is how the story of our horticultural production line begins - one of the most innovative, comprehensive and sophisticated lines to be found today. Planted in a cool greenhouse, the seed grows and becomes stronger. Nurtured for just over a month, it transforms into a luxuriant, crunchy head of tender lettuce.
Grown, selected, cut, washed and dried by specialised staff with the aid of the most up to date and reliable equipment, it is packed and sent to customers all over Italy and Europe.

Here in Mioorto, quality comes from paying special attention to all operations through a totally controlled production line:

of the seeds, soils and water used for irrigation
of the stages of grading, sorting, cutting, washing and packing the product
of the hygiene, well-being and safety of staff
of cleaning and maintenance of equipment
of analysis of the water, the temperatures in the produc-tion and storage rooms
of ongoing chemical and bacteriological tests on random product samples, both for fresh vegetables and pre-washed vegetables.
during the stages of production, paying special attention to the equipment and the product
of the continuous updating of training for internal staff, using qualified teachers and advisers, and suppliers of raw materials
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