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Mioorto originated with the philosophy of total quality as the essential principle behind all its operations.
This philosophy, which places great emphasis on the organisation, and on safeguarding the environ-ment, enabled it to obtain certifications guaranteeing compliance with legislation, protection of the land, human health and customer satisfaction.

BRC (BRC-IS-74169)      IFS (IF-IS-74169)
These two certifications define the production standards relating to:

product specifications

process specifications

code of conduct for the staff

structural specifications for work environments

These certifications constitute a reference model which is recognized all over Europe , and guarantee the conformity to all requirements of quality and security as well as of legal requirements demanded by the Organized Great Distribution.


This certification represents the general reference for all those producers who wish to adopt the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) in the production of fruit and vegetables, and sums up all productive standards required from the major european companies of the Great Organized Distribution. Mioorto has obtained the certification according to “option 2” , which means that for the following product categories the company operates and coordinates all the agricultural firms of the production chain in accordance with the GLOBALGAP protocol:

Lettuce (lattuga, lattughino, oak leaf lettuce, multileaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, Lamb's lettuce , rocket)

Chard (spinach beet)

Chicory (radicchio rosso, cicorino, sugarloaf chicory)

Endive (curled endive, escarole)

Spinach (spinach, baby spinach)




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