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Mioorto operates from Carobbio degli Angeli, a large agro-industrial area in the Bergamo region, a particularly apt area for vegetable growing, from both an Italian and European viewpoint.

The agricultural eco-system of an area is a unique mix: a complex, amalgamated system of soil, micro-climate and the proper-ties of its water. It is the result of over 3 billion years of evolu-tion, the fruit of mutual exchange between envi-ronment, living organ-isms and human activities of genetic selection.

It is here that Mioorto produces following the rules of farming using integrated pest manage-ment, which means that the damage caused by various antagonistic organisms can be controlled (insects, fungi, weeds and bacteria), with farming procedures aimed at limiting and preventing
infestations. This means that chemicals are only used when absolutely necessary.

A typical farming procedure is to plant the vegetables a little more spaced: there is a smaller yield per unit of surface area, but the yield is healthier.
The use of chemicals is not preventive, which means that spraying is only carried out when necessary, and the crops are skilfully, patiently monitored.

If chemicals are used, they are products with a limited
effect on both man and the environment, and highly selective towards useful species: they leave an antagonist insect to flourish, as it will limit the population of a harmful insect.
In view of all this, selected suppliers of raw materials rigidly adhere to the specifications we provide, contained in our “Growing Regulations”.

Mioorto is one of the promoters of the “Consorzio
Produttori Orticoli di Bergamo” (C.P.O.B. - Bergamo Consortium of Vegetable Growers). This is an organisation which provides information, updates, governs and most of all checks that its associate companies follow the principles of integrated production management.
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